About the Certificate

The Society’s Fire Apparatus Preservation certificate is presented to fire departments who have contributed in an outstanding manner to the spirit and goals of the Society by preserving fire apparatus retired from service.Β  Any fire department, (municipal, volunteer, industrial or military) that maintains a piece of fire apparatus in original, near original, or restored condition, is eligible.

Any SPAAMFAA member or Chapter may nominate a fire department for this award.Β  If chosen, the certificate should be presented to the fire department in a public ceremony or meeting along with information about SPAAMFAA.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations for the Fire Apparatus Preservation Certificate may be submitted by any SPAAMFAA Chapter or SPAAMFAA National member. All nominations shall include a completed nomination form, along with at least two color photographs of the apparatus being nominated – left and right sides (along with front & rear if you have them).

All nomination materials are to be submitted (electronically) to Bob Romig, the Preservation Certificate committee chair, who will review the nomination and determine (1) if the form is complete, (2) the nominee(s) meets the criteria and (3) send the nomination for approval to the committee.

Organizations having preserved more than one apparatus, may include photographs of additional qualified apparatus, but only one certificate will be issued to any specific fire department.

SPAAMFAA Standing Rule # 27

Fire Apparatus Preservation Certificate Program

27.1 Purpose – The primary purpose of the Fire Apparatus Preservation Certificate Program is to recognize fire departments and other organizations who subscribe to and support SPAAMFAA’s dedication to the education of the public and our membership in the preservation, restoration and proper operation of firefighting apparatus and firefighting equipment of the past to help insure that they remain a part of our heritage. The secondary purpose is to promote the increase of organizational and individual memberships in SPAAMFAA. Β Β 

27.2 Nominations – Any SPAAMFAA Chapter or SPAAMFAA member may nominate a fire department and other community groups for the Fire Apparatus Preservation Certificate when it is determined the fire department meets the criteria outlined in paragraph 27.1 by completing the nomination form and submitting the form to their Trustee.

27.3 Criteria – Fire departments and other community groups who maintain and preserve motor fire apparatus that is eligible for registration with the state as an antique motor vehicle, and horse drawn and/or hand drawn fire apparatus, may be nominated for the recognition.

27.4 Nomination Form – A nomination form shall be completed by the chapter or individual submitting the nomination. The form shall be submitted to the District Trustee along with an 8 x 10-inch color photograph of the fire department’s apparatus that is the basis for the nomination. Electronic submissions of forms and digital photographs is acceptable.

27.5 Trustee Verification – Trustees shall review nominations submitted within their respective district and verify the forms comply with criteria in paragraph 27.1. Verification can be a scanned copy of the signature on the form or an email with the statement: I have reviewed the nomination of the (insert name of department) and verify criteria has been met and recommend the award to be made.

27.6 Trustee Action –The Trustee will forward the Application and photograph to the Fire Apparatus Preservation Certificate Program Committee Chairman. The Chairman will preserve all nominations and photographs and at the end of each calendar year submit a report to the Board of Trustees and forward the file to the SPAAMFAA Archives for preservation. Β Β 

27.7 Certificates – The Chairman will prepare the certificate and forward the certificate to be printed. Finished certificates will be mailed to the appropriate Trustee/Chapter/individual for presentation.Β Β 

27.8 Certificate Recognition Program Certificates– There are two certificate templates. Template A is for those departments and other community groups in the geographic service area of a SPAAMFAA Chapter. Template B is for those fire departments and other community groups where there is no SPAAMFAA Chapter. Each certificate template will have the current President’s signature affixed. The space for the issuing Trustee’s signature and date will be blank. Β 

27.9 Presentation – The Trustee and/or the Chapter/individual submitting the nomination will coordinate the presentation of the recognition certificate with the governing body of the fire department being recognized. Trustees should participate in the presentation ceremony if said participation does not create a financial burden and require travel time of more than 90 minutes.

27.10 Media kits – The Trustee and the Chapter/individual should provide media kits to media serving the communities in the fire department’s service area. NOTE: Media kits to be developed will include a News Release, information about SPAAMFAA, and the local chapter; and SPAAMFAA and Chapter membership applications.