William L. Robinson Award

The Society’s highest honor, the William L. Robinson Award was established in 1970, and is created in memory of William L. Robinson, of Syracuse, New York. Robinson was a founding member of SPAAMFAA and the organization’s second secretary. He is remembered as a hard-working member who shunned the spot light. He was a quiet, persistent officer who worked behind the scenes. 

The Robinson Award, is presented annually to a member who has given the most to the organization, with the least recognition. The award is bestowed to the member or couple (excluding current officers) who have contributed to the spirit and goals of the Society in an outstanding manner, and who have done so in a quiet and unassuming manner.

Nomination Form - ​William L. Robinson Award
Past Recipients - ​William L. Robinson Award

Robert H. Biel NY
Harold L. Post  NY
Eric A. Sprenger ON
C. Kennard Robinson NY
Robert E. Smith CA
David T. Glick OH
William R. MacLeod, Jr. NY
Kenneth & Helene Soderbeck  MI
Richard A. Horstmann  NY
Stephen G. Heaver, Jr. MD
Frank S. Tremel, Jr. MD
Alexander Black AZ
Dan and Mae Martin IL
Charles Harrington NH
David Buskey  PA
William L. Schwartz NJ
Robert and Harriet Potter NY
Walter M. P. McCall  ON
George Valrance MI
Peter Desalvo  NY
Timothy W. Elder OH
Tom Scott   TN
Edward Peterson  PA
G. Marshall Sanford CT
Robert and Marie Ward  PA
Matthew Lee   MI
Wes and Nancy Howe  NJ
Ron Czaplicki  FL
Marvin H. Cohen   NY
Keith Franz  WI
Tom Herman VA
Ron Leatz  CA
Harvey Eckart  PA
Paul Romano  MA
William Lawlor CT
Steve Hagy  KY
Tom Laun  NY
John A. Calderone NY
Bob & Fuzzy Tabor NY
Whitey & Joy Swartz NJ
Ray & Candy Bennett SC
Charles & Carole Black MD
Kevin & Debbie Sweeney CO
Rick Knife OH
Len Williams CA
Barbara Connors, IL