The procedure for Chapters to obtain a Certificate of Insurance for local events:
  1. The chapter shall contact the Executive Secretary requesting an insurance certificate for an event using the standard request form.

  2. The Executive Secretary will verify that the Chapter has paid it’s annual insurance premium.

  3. The Executive Secretary will forward the completed form to the insurance provider.

  4. Β The insurer will send the completed Certificate of Liability Insurance to the Chapter directly with a copy to the Executive Secretary.


SPAAMFAA has two types of coverage for the National Organization and for the Chapters in good standing:

β€’ Officers and Directors coverage and
β€’ General Event Liability coverage.

The Officer’s and Directors coverage provides protection for your Chapter Officers and Directors from suits for wrongful acts by Chapter Directors and Officers as listed in the attachment below. This policy is for $1,000,000.

The General Liability Insurance policy protects the National officers and the Chapter officers from suits for bodily injury and/or property damage due to any occurrences at club activities. It protects the officers, directors, and members of the chapter as long as they are acting at the direction of the chapter. It also protects any property belonging to any other named insured such as a city park. This policy is for $3,000,000. It does not cover Officers & Directors from intentional acts that violate the law or our bylaws.

If someone is injured at an event, they can sue the Chapter officers and SPAAMFAA National officers and our General Event Liability insurance covers that. A SPAAMFAA member acting for the Chapter would also be protected by the liability insurance. It is not clear whether or not a chapter member who is not a SPAAMFAA member would be covered. The insurance company says they would not be covered but a court might find differently. The safest bet is to have all members become National SPAAMFAA members.

A summary of that coverage is also provided below.

Member’s vehicles are not covered under our insurance. Individual vehicle insurance is the responsibility of each individual member and the chapter should be checking to verify that all event participants have a current insurance policy in effect.

As a participant in the SPAAMFAA National Insurance Program, all events you sponsor are covered such as meetings, flea markets, musters and apparatus displays. This is not just β€œmuster” insurance.

The Insurance assessment for 2017 is $300.00 to defray the costs of the program. Payment is due by January 31 each year. If payment is not made by this date, your Chapter does not qualify for the program, and your chapter will be moved to an inactive status without insurance coverage.

Insurance Form