Fire Apparats Preservation Award

Seaford Volunteer Fire Department

for the restoration of their





Seaford Volunteer Fire Department – Seaford DE

After the town of Seaford bonded itself for $10,000 they purchased their first fire engine from the Seagrave Manufacturing Co, of Columbus, OH in 1921. With a registration # 29331, It was painted all white with solid rubber tires. In those days pneumatic tires were undependable and the firemen did not wish to respond to the station to find flat tires on the engine. But they found out that solid tires had there problems, as when they were called to a fire in Pocomoke City on a very hot day and had the solid rubber tires melt on the hot highway causing them not to get to the fire. After this, pneumatic tires were installed. The engine responded to hundreds of fires before it was retired. This is the oldest piece of Seaford Vol. Fire Department motorized equipment still in existence and is housed in the Seaford Fire Museum along with the department’s second oldest engine, a 1948 Seagrave. The Seaford Fire Museum is located in the 400 block of High Street and displays fire memorabilia related to the history of the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department Inc.