Fire Apparats Preservation Award

Goodwill Fire Co.

for the restoration of their



Ahrens Fox


Model MK-4

Goodwill Fire Co. – New Castle, DE

Purchased by the Goodwill Fire Co, New Castle, DE, on June 21, 1919 and delivered on 3/19/19. It is model MK-4 with registration #861 with a 750gpm pump. It was in service until the mid 1950’s. In the mid 1980’s it was decided to restore it to its pristine in service condition and was shipped to Fire Fly Restorations in Jonesport, ME and Mr. Andy Swift worked diligently to get the old girl back to the Goodwill Fire Co. The Fox was returned to New Castle, Delaware on December 21, 1990. It is currently displayed in their museum in the fire station. This rig is still taken out on special occasions.