SPAAMFAA Leadership

The leadership of SPAAMFAA is elected annually by the membership each calendar year.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to both your local regional trustee (see map here) and or any of the officers at large.  Click on the icon below their photograph for their appropriate contact links.

Administrative Officers


Tim "Cosgrove" Jones
Rockville, MD

SR Vice President

Dan Lintz
Hamilton, OH

Jr Vice President

Chuck Buschardt
Houston, TX

Treasury Secretary

Mark Davis
North Charleston, SC

Executive Secretary

Bill Blunden
Carthage, NY

Membership Secretary

Candy Bennett
Adams Run, SC


District 1 Trustee
New England

Brian Anderson Jr.,
Wilmington, MA

District 2 Trustee

John Hoffman
Port Norris, NJ

District 3 Trustee

Ed Hass
Sacramento, CA

District 4 Trustee
New York State

Dave Hall
Black River, NY

District 5 Trustee

Tom Hooker
Marshville, NC

District 6 Trustee

Ted Main
Rio Rancho, NM

District 7 Trustee Pennsylvania

Jeff Stauffer
Felton, PA

District 8 Trustee
Great Lakes

Stan Socha
Brunswick, OH

District 9 Trustee

David Lewis
Aurora, IL

Other (non-voting) Positions

Immediate Past President

Frank Tremel
West River, MD

Enjine! Enjine!:

Scott Rollins
Mooresville, IN

Silver Trumpet

John & Amy Tippett
North Beach, MD


Jesse Walter
Millsboro, DE


Candy Bennett
Adams Run, SC

Committee Chairs

Archives Committee

Warren Lun
Aurora, IL

Legal &

Anthony Buono
Valatie, NY

Conference & Muster

Richard Quetta
N. Providence, RI

Endowment Committee

Steve Heaver
Baltimore, MD

Finance Committee

John Zangerle
Avon, OH

History Committee

Walter McCall
Windsor, ON

Preservation Award Committee

Bob Romig
Poinciana, FL


Tommy Herman
Chesterfield, VA


David Lewis
Aurora, IL

Jr Membership

Elliot Paisner
Norcross, GA

Past Presidents

1980 – 1981

John R. Gambs
Lafayette, IN

1982 – 1984

Frank S. Tremel, Jr.
West River, MD

1985 – 1987

Gary Rorabacher

1988 – 1990

G. Marshall Sanford
Redding, CT

1991 – 1993

Robert L. Ward
Schwenksville, PA

1994 – 1996

Mae M. Martin
Naperville, IL

1997 – 1999

Robert N. Potter
Cicero, NY


2000 – 2002

Edward Peterson
Hummelstown, PA

2003 – 2004

Raymond H. Pitts
Beverly, MA

2005 – 2007

Paul N. Romano
Lynnfield, MA


2008 – 2010

Keith Franz
Slinger, WI

2010 – 2012

Herold Berthy
Morgantown, WV

2013 – 2015

David Napier
Farmingdale, NJ

2015 – 2016

William Dundas
Camarillo, CA


2017 – 2018

Ted Elder
Apple Creek, OH

2018 – 2019

William Dundas
Camarillo, CA

2019 – 2021

Frank S. Tremel, Jr.
West River, MD


2021 – 2022

Ted Elder
Apple Creek, OH

2022 – 2023

Frank S. Tremel, Jr.
West River, MD

2023 – 2024

Frank S. Tremel, Jr.
West River, MD