Fire Apparats Preservation Award

Cosumnes Community Services District

for the restoration of their



P.E. Van Pelt


Model HLCH, 350 GPM front-mount pump, 350-gallon water tank, 1948 Chevrolet chassis

Cosumnes Community Services District – Elk Grove and Galt, CA

For many years after its retirement, Galt Fie Dept. continued to preserve and maintain their 1948 Chevrolet/Van Pelt pumper serial #683, with 350 GPM pump and 350-gallon water tank. In 2006, the fire departments of Elk Grove and Galt were consolidated into the Cosumnes Community Services Dostrict (CCSD), which provides fire protection in both cities. The 1948 Chevrolet/Van Pelt continues to be driven in local parades and antique car shows. CCSD is a perfect example of the spirit of the SPAAMFAA Preservation Award. In addition to this 1948 Chevrolet/Van Pelt pumper, CCSD is also preserving: - a two-wheel Wirt & Knox hand-drawn hose reel - a two-wheel Ajax hand-drawn chemical cat - a 1925 Seagrave Model 6BT pumper serial #41291, ex-Elk Grove, CA - a 1949 Ford/Van Pelt pumper serial #723, ex-Elk Grove, CA - a 1955 Chevrolet/Van Pelt serial #1221, ex-Galt, CA In years past, CCSD has also hosted two antique fire engine musters. The nomination was made in 2022, and the award was presented to CCSD on Dec. 20, 2023.