Peckham's American LaFrance Search

Resources Introduction by John Peckham (pdf) Abbreviations referenced by J. Peckham (pdf) Commercial (pdf) Fnumbers (pdf) Lnumbers (pdf) Types & Specifications  (pdf) Hard copies of truck data (J. Peckham’s volumes) are available from Matt Lee. Contact Candy Bennettor Ken Soderbeck for additions or corrections to the database. Additional note for Commercial Chassis: Brockway/ALF build sheets and production records are on […]

Peter West's Buffalo Search

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Collecting Postcards

FIRE APPARATUS POSTCARDS SPAAMFAA members share a common interest in collecting and or enjoying antique fire apparatus. An interesting characteristic of collectors is that they often collect more than one thing. One other field of apparatus related collecting is postcards that picture fire apparatus. The most sought-after postcards are the type known as “real photo” […]

White List

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Prospect Fire Apparatus

Prospect Fire Apparatus by Steve Hagy (All photographs are “Thumbnails” — click on the picture to see a larger image.) One of the more successful apparatus manufacturers of the teens and twenties was The Prospect Fire Engine Company of Prospect, Ohio. This company produced large numbers of pumpers, hose wagons, and chemical units on a […]

Robinson Fire Apparatus

ROBINSON FIRE APPARATUS By Steve Hagy “Robinson Machines are Wonderfully Efficient, Dependable and Economical.”  This was the claim in a advertisement appearing in the October 6, 1915 issue of Fire & Water Engineering for Robinson Fire Apparatus Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri.  Robinson was one of the premier manufacturers of fire apparatus during the […]