Fire Apparats Preservation Award

Sarnia Fire Rescue

for the restoration of their



American LaFrance


Type 75 740gpm pump and 50 gallon chemical tank Registration #3441

Sarnia Fire Rescue – Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

The last fire this rig responded to its last alarm in the late 50's to a commercial fire on Front Street. It's last appearance was in 1967 for the Brigden (Ontario) in 1967 during Canada's Centennial year. A mechanical issue on the rig resulted in it being back to Sarnia in first gear and parked in Station 2 until 1989 when Fire Captain Mike Simpson (now retired) and wanted to get the old girl running again. The hard part was raising funds and finding people with the skills to do the restoration, It was 2003 before a restoration could be started and it was 2021 before the restoration was completed. On Canada day, July 1,2022 this rig was in the parade to celebrate this day and that the old girl was back and running. The rig finally found a new home at Fire Station #3 that was being built in 2021 and is proudly resting there, waiting for shows, events, parades and funeral details.