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1964 Seagrave 900B750

Hastings-on-Hudson (NY) Riverview Manor Hose Co. 3
Tony Glindmeyer
Ludlow, KY

This classic was built for the city of Hastings-On-Hudson, New York where it served the Riverview Manor Hose Company
Number 3. The Seagrave was acquired to replace an earlier Seagrave. The pumper was retired sometime after 1982 and
brought to the Midwest by SPAAMFAA life member John Gambs. John sold her to SPAAMFAA life member Van Sherry of
Lafayette, Indiana. The rig served parade and fire prevention duty in the Lafayette area for several years.

The pumper is one of the last 75th Anniversary Seagraves built in Columbus, Ohio and, like Rudolph, sports a very shiny
nose. Under the hood is a big block V-12 powering a Seagrave 750 gpm pump. Specifications were a bit unusual in that
the bay door had about a 7-foot 8-inch clearance. The split hose bed has a center walkway and bench seats over the hose
beds. The truck had to be pulled out of the station before the rest of the crew could be seated. A Federal Beacon Ray
was mounted over the pump behind the driver’s seat. To clear the door, the top of the light was lower than the top of the
windshield. For night runs a special switch was installed so the light could be set to shine only to the rear. As the light
rotated, the bulbs showing to the front would be cut off.

There were no discharges for preconnects but separate hose beds were built to accommodate 1 Β½ inch hose. Two
booster reels were built into the back step but were not provided with electric rewind. A 400-gallon tank rests beneath
the hose bed. The rig is equipped with a Federal Q siren but no air horns. The fire company also had a bell installed.
Miles Greenwood Chapter member William A. β€œTony” Glindmeyer purchased the Seagrave in November of 2016. Tony
began work to get the rig back on the road. After some mechanical work and a lot of spit shine, the pumper reappeared
on the muster circuit on June 4, 2017 at the Miles Greenwood Society muster in Cincinnati. Now affectionately known as
Suzie with β€œQ”, she still impresses the crowds.