Owner's Pride

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1926 American LaFrance

Clinton Fire Department
Clinton, New Jersey

In 1926 the Town of Clinton, Hunterdon County (NJ) Fire Department was pleased to accept delivery of its first motorized apparatus. The Department has retained ownership since its delivery.

The American LaFrance Type 65, Serial #5647, is equipped with a soda-acid extinguisher tank and a 400-gpm rotary gear pump. Clinton’s ALF was restored partially by the members and partially by some private parties that had expertise in the restoration of American LaFrance apparatus. The former ALF Service Center in Dunmore (PA) provided substantial support in the restoration. The restoration took several years during the β€˜80s.

The pumper was stripped, sandblasted and rebuilt from the garage floor up. Most of the major parts were still intact but many parts had been discarded or replaced with non-original parts over the years including the soda-acid tank, kerosene lamps, acid storage container, wooden spoke wheels, etc. Support locating replacements for the missing parts proved to be difficult but was accomplished with the assistance of several antique ALF enthusiasts. Many remaining parts had been chromed several years after delivery. Those parts were stripped and re-plated with nickel consistent with the original delivery. The original tires were solid rubber, however pneumatic tires believed to be available as an option, were obtained. The pump was rebuilt and its leather seals
replaced. The gold leaf work was completed consistent with the original delivery photos but with a little extra artwork

In 2013 the 4-cylinder engine was rebuilt by several members to solve a smoking problem. The rig runs and pumps great to the pleasure of the Department’s members. The ALF’s current response assignment is limited to parades and the occasional muster.

Thanks to: F.J. Dux, W. Wintermute, G. Runyon, J. Colognato, Past Chiefs; S. Wintermute, Past Chief and President, Clinton Fire Department