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1921/1935 Stutz 750-gpm Pumper

Arnold (PA) Volunteer Fire Department
Carla and Les McConnell
Indianapolis, IN

The original Stutz pumper was designed and built by the Stutz Fire Engine Company in Indianapolis (IN) in 1921 for the Arnold (PA) Volunteer Fire Department. The rig was designated as Pumper #1.

The pumper has a 750-gallon per minute rotary pump and carries 200 gallons of water. In 1934. Pumper #1 was responding to an emergency call and the Wisconsin 6-cylinder engine broke. The fire company decided to have the Stutz pumper rebuilt and they sent it to the New Stutz Fire Engine Company, in Hartford City (IN). While the pumper returned to Arnold Volunteer Fire Company as a new 1935 Stutz fire engine with a new powerful Hercules Model RXE engine with 935 cubic inches that was rated at 79.35 horsepower it was still based on the original 1921 chassis and retained the original 750-gpm rotary pump.

Pumper # 1 remained in service until August of 1950 when it was sold to Guyasuta Volunteer Fire Company outside of Aspinwall (PA). In October 1954 Guyasuta sold the New Stutz to Calcutta (OH) Volunteer Fire Department. Calcutta traded the Stutz in on another piece of apparatus in 1963.

In 1982, SPAAMFAA member Bill Buntin recovered the Stutz from a barn in Ohio and moved the pumper to Muncie (IN). Bill started the restoration process and I completed the restoration after purchasing the Stutz. The Stutz pumper has been restored to look as it did when in service with Arnold Volunteer Fire Company.