Apparatus Judging

One of the chapters β€˜main event’ of the year is to hold it’s muster. Members apparatus, other privately owned apparatus, fire department apparatus all gather to be put through their paces. There can be contests, competitions, pumping or just static displays. Each chapter is different and essentially runs their own event as they see fit.

Many chapters do judge the apparatus. There are many potential categories: original, restored, fire department original. Apparatus could compete within decades. There could be separate awards
for privately owned vs department owned.

I would like to update the Muster Manual and include the various judging information that the chapters use. This would include the types of judging and categories along with the particular judging guidelines considered for each type of apparatus as well as age. It seems there are no two chapters that do things alike, and that may be good. Other chapters do not have official judging but give β€œfun type” awards: shortest, longest, rustiest, shiniest, loudest.

I would ask that each chapter send me their judging material
so I can include it in an update. Please forward same to me:

β€” Bill Davis, National Convention-Muster Coordinator

Silver Trumpet – 2016 Vol. 1