Wanted info on following pumper trying to find where its at (3-12-18)

Wanted any information on the location of the following pumper a 1941 Ford Oren pumper 500 gpm x new Richmond Ohio, Southern Clermont County.  Serial number of 176.  Last known location we know about was in the Texas area around 1997.

We are trying to locate this pumper to bring it back to New Rchmond as it was our second fire truck and we still have our first one a 1939 Chevrolet Oren

We would like to restore it or bring it back home again permanently

If you know anything about the location of this pumper or own it we would like to personally talk to you.  Hope someone out there can help us out thanks much

Doug Tieman  513-600-0749 or Email

e mail of

Wanted Category: Information.