Lower gear ratio set. for a 1959 MACK B-85-F Pumper and TDA. yes, you read it right. We have the need for both our trucks. Currently both have the same drive line, 707c eng, 5 speed, 5:57 rear. We need LOWER GEARS sets for both. Contact with any info if you know anyone that could help us. One or two sets. In Reading, PA. Email or  610-914-7474

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set (2) of interior flip down sun visors (5-17-19)

We are looking for a set (2) of interior flip down sun visors to put in our Caisson 1978 ALF. Please sent any info or leads to: Harrold Shell, Phoenix Fire Foundation. Email or phone is 602-390-6265. Please quote price with shipping. Since we are a non-profit, it must be approved by our board. Thank you in advance.

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Brass or copper soda and acid containers (5-17-19)

I’m looking for  brass or copper soda and acid containers that would have been mounted on the running boards on a chemical fire engine. The containers or canisters would hold soda and acid for recharging the main chemical tanks. Thanks Brian 630 677 2793 or  Email

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Parts for 1949 Seagrave pumper Sedan (4-20-19)

Hi. My name is Cliff Worthington from England UK, I am in the process of rebuilding the v12 engine out of my 1949 Seagrave pumper Sedan, I would like to ask if any of your members could help in my search for parts.

My Truck details are 1949 Seagrave Pumper Sedan model 66.EB  serial number E.2910, date 8.23.49  Engine block number is 708389, cyl head number 708559. I believe it is classed as 400 series as cyl heads measure just under 7 3/4”

The parts I need are big end bearings ( Clevite 708704 ), I would be prepared to grind crank if anyone has bearings at .010.  Set of piston rings, number on Pistons is CAM-H8  .020. I also need full engine rebuild gasket set less head and manifold gaskets

as I already have spare cyl head and manifold gaskets, it would also be a great help if anyone has a copy of engine rebuild manual.

if any of your members can help with any of the above parts, or suggest where it may be possible to source these on a pensioners budget, all would be greatly appreciated, Please send any info to Cliff.

email     my mobile is 07599090471 but not sure what you would add in front of that from US.

Thanks to all.  Cliff

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Tires (5-17-19)

Looking for tires for a 1926 Seagrave.  9.00 – 24 or 10.00-24.  40 x 8.

Any old stock.  Trying to avoid current reproduction antique tire prices.

Contact Dave at 734.260.7082 or  Email

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Antenna and Radio parts (9-15-18)

My present fire co in Delaware has a 1945 Auto car pumper they are interested in getting a period whip antenna to remount on side and a Motorola radio head to mount in cab I believe it had a phone type mike. Being a SPAAMFAA member, I’m reaching out to see if any one has these saved that they are willing to part with. thank you Richard  Email

Wanted Category: Other Items.