Fire Truck Donation (9-17-19)

A group of retired firefighters in MD is seeking a donation of an antique or even newer fire pumper, squad, or truck.

Our plan is to for a planned is to visit children for educational purposes regarding fire safety and allowing kids to operate lights, sirens and go for rides with us. This will also be used for children who have serious illness and wanted to be firefighters.

We do not have the funds to purchase at this time, but once 501C3 is approved, tax write offs I’ll be possible. This is In the works as we speak. works. Being firefighters, any apparatus will be well maintained. So if you don’t have the space for your truck(s), please consider us. We are in Maryland.


Wanted Category: Apparatus.

1924 American LaFrance (5-17-19)

The Los Angeles County Fire Museum has been looking for this ALF for several years. The registration no. is 4786 and it is a type 75 triple. We now know that it does still exist. It was in the Sacramento area of California until it was sold to a private party out of state in 2015. We have been unable to find out who bought it. If the current owner sees this or if anyone knows who the current owner is we would very much like to contact that person in hopes of purchasing it. My dad rode the tailboard of this rig in the late 40’s and I would be forever great-full to get it back and get it restored.

Thank You.

Gordon Dudley

L.A.Co.F.D. (ret.)

Email or 562-715-7408

Wanted Category: Apparatus.

Wanted Apparatus (5-17-19)

I am looking for pictures, information, or the location of the following vehicles from the New Hartford, NY Fire Department

1902 Racine pumper (highly unlikely)

1916 American LaFrance Pumper

1925 Brockway City Service Ladder (later updated with Buffalo chassis)

1932 Lincoln Squad Car

1949 American LaFrance 700 Series pumper (Ex. Pompton Lakes, NJ. This truck was sold to a local area restaurant owner and has since been sold. Its whereabouts are no longer known)

1956 GMC Salvage (this truck was built with an American body, and was retired and put to use with the Village DPW, then sold to a private party from there.

**1959 American LaFrance 900 Series pumper (this truck was purchased by a member of the NHFD after its retirement and was then sold by him to JC Moore Industries of Fredonia, PA. From there, it was sold to an unknown party and its whereabouts are no longer known.)**

1963 American LaFrance 900 Series pumper (this truck has been photographed abandoned in an unknown location. It has been scrapped of almost all of its components down to the frame.)

1970 Ford/Swab Rescue Salvage (this truck was retired from NH and sold to Livonia, NY Fire Department. They sold it to a family in town, who left it outside for a number of years. According to the LFD, it disappeared about ten years ago.)

1977 American LaFrance Century / WaterChief Aerial (this truck was retired and sold to Fulton, NY Fire Department. It has since retired about ten years ago and its whereabouts are no longer known)

1982 American LaFrance Century pumper (this truck was sold to a private party in Liverpool, NY, and he has since sold it to another private party. Its whereabouts are no longer known)

1991 Spartan Gladiator pumper (this is one of two twin units. One is actively serving in Little Falls, NY, and the other was sold to the Verona, NY Fire Department. Upon retiring from Verona, the truck ended up in Virginia with (I believe) an apparatus dealer. It is reportedly in service with a department in Arkansas)

2003 American LaFrance Eagle pumper (this one is also one of two twins and was last known to be with Wellsboro, PA Fire Department. It is not known the exact status and condition of the truck, though it was reportedly refurbished in 2017.)

I am trying to locate a piece of antique or retired apparatus from my department and see about purchasing and restoring it. I am most interested in the 1959 American LaFrance 900, but would like any information or photos on any of the other aforementioned rigs, or any other apparatus from New Hartford, NY, even if they are long gone. The department also had several retired police vehicles that were used as “squad” cars. Any information on anything is greatly, greatly appreciated.  Email

Wanted Category: Apparatus.

1984 E-One Hurricane Pumper (12-26-18)

: I’m looking for this 1984 E-One Hurricane pumper originally out of Cahokia Illinois. 750 gallon tank. It was sold around 2012-13 from Cahokia. Last known location is Jacksonville Florida area from around 2014.

Ryan Ahlemeyer  618-223-3415 or Email

Wanted Category: Apparatus.

Trying to find Our 1939 American La France (3-24-18)

Our department is trying to find our 1939 American La France it was sold to a private collector in the 70s and last seen at an event in Fort McHenry MD in the late 70s early 80s. It’s Reg. No. Is L-1120 Type 550 CC ship Order 1600 Ship Date 6/30/1939 Any help hour information would be greatly appreciated.  Email or 301-748-8937

Wanted Category: Apparatus and Information.