National SPAAMFAA Events

SPAAMFAA hosts two national events every year, a winter meeting, and a summer convention and muster.Β  Hosted by local chapters on a rotating basis, these two annual gatherings are intended to transact the business of the organization while also allowing members from across the country and the world, to meet, socialize, and network.

The upcoming dates for
the national events are:

2020 – August 11- 15
SPAAMFAA Summer Convention and MusterΒ  hosted by Genessee Valley Chapter in Rochester, NY


2021 – Feb ??
SPAAMFAA Winter Meeting hosted by TBD

2021 – August ??
Summer Convention and Muster hosted by ** in **, OR

2022 – Feb ??
SPAAMFAA Winter Meeting hosted by TBD


Generally held in late February, and often hosted by a local chapter in a warmer- Southern – climate, this meeting focuses on the business of the organization.Β  During the winter meeting, membership ballots are counted, new officers and trustees are elected, and the board of trustees hold one of their two required annual meetings. Β 

Often the local host chapters will organize additional tours, lectures, or events, and (climate permitting) a fire apparatus show and muster.

Summer Convention

Generally held in July or August, the summer convention and meeting generally focuses on the β€œFire trucks, Family, and Fun” aspects of the organization.Β  Hosted by a local chapter each year, this three or four-day event, features a wide variety of daily bus trips, and evening meetings and seminars.

The summer event concludes with a large fire apparatus show and β€œmuster” (attracting upwards 100 pieces of new and antique fire apparatus) and evening banquet.Β 

This is also various working meetings, needed to conduct the business of the organization and an opportunity for members, and designated representatives from the local chapters, also encouraged to share feedback with the board.