SPAAMFAA Archives Presentation on Videos

During the 2016 Winter Meeting in Houston TX, Steve Heaver and Anthony Buono hosted an great presentation and discussion about the SPAAMFAA Archives.

Thanks to video courtesy of Edward Kosar I have edited re-edited that presentation into three short videos that have been posted to YouTube and on Facebook (see links below). The raw video was rather crude, shot from the back of the room, and the sound is a little muffled at times, but the content is excellent and worthy of sharing and preserving.

Ultimately this could be the beginnings of a whole YouTube “Channel” where SPAAMFAA can share videos about the archives, about specific historical topics, and about the organization as a whole — both informational and some promotional.

Part 1: History of the SPAAMFAA Archives and the Big Move

Part 2: What Goodies are in SPAAMFAA Archives Collection

Part 3: Plans and Past Perfect SPAAMFAA Archives Collection