1991 Spartan Gladiator LTI tiller fire truck (9-17-19 – – 19-17)

1991 Spartan Gladiator LTI tiller fire truck.  Retired from Baltimore County Fire Department.  It only has 41,384 miles and 2572 hours on the 8V92 Detroit Diesel engine.  It has a 12kw Onan generator mounted on it.  The truck is currently located in Michigan.  I purchased it in October, 2016.  My brother and I flew to Baltimore and drove it back to Michigan with no issues.  I have used it for parades,car shows, fire musters and fire memorials all around the state of Michigan.  All loose equipment was removed prior to me purchasing the truck.  They also removed the siren, but I put a smaller one on the truck for use during parades.  This truck would be great to use as a trainer or to be refurbished and put back into service.  The ladder certification expired in March, 2017.  Asking $17,000 or best offer.  If you have any questions please email Brad George or text me at (231)758-4505.

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1952 Seagrave 400B Pumper – $15,000 (9-17-19 – – 19-15)

Up for sale is a 1952 Seagrave 400B Pumper. In 1951, the Seagrave Corporation marked its 70th year in the fire apparatus industry with the introduction of its first all-new postwar fire apparatus design. Seagrave’s “70th Anniversary Series”, as the new model was known, enjoyed one of the longest continuous production runs in U.S. fire apparatus history – 19 years. This truck is so popular that even Hot Wheels has a 1952 Seagrave available to purchase. This truck was originally purchased by the City of Holland, Michigan. I am the 2nd owner. The truck has been stored inside its entire life. I have done the following work since I purchased it. 1) I installed 2 new modern thermostats. The old thermostats had failed and the engine would overheat easily. That is no longer an issue. 2) I installed an electric fuel pump. I did this just for reliability. 3) I had the water pump rebuilt. The fabric rag couplers between the alternator and the water pump failed. When I replaced them, I had Arthur Gould Rebuilders rebuild the water pump. 4) I rebuilt the steering wheel gearbox. The gear oil in the gearbox was the consistency of silly putty when I purchased the truck. The gearbox was completely disassembled, cleaned and returned to service. 5) Lots of other little minor things done. The truck is currently running, but you will want to haul it if purchased. I had a service man at my house to work on the brakes while I was at work. I didn’t expect him to attempt to start the truck. I believe he meddled under the hood. It’s going to need a little TLC to get it running reliably again. Mileage is unknown as the speedo cable is missing. Odometer reads 7156. Truck has 12 cylinders and dual everything (Four 6-volt batteries setup as two 12-volt circuits, 2 distributers, 2 spark plugs in every cylinder, 4 coils, 2 carburetors, 2 air filters, and even 2 fan belts). Original fire radio included. All lights, bell and siren work. Boy does the siren work – it’s VERY VERY loud! There is a lien on the title as the city thought they might want to buy it back should I ever sell it. I have been in contact with the city and they’ve assured me that won’t happen. To close the deal, I will require a written offer that I will take to the city. When they decline, they will remove the lien from the title and the truck will be yours. I’m sure I didn’t cover everything, so feel free to ask questions. Posted on other sites.

Engine can be seen here at the 4:54 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=273Dtgvr7tk&fbclid=IwAR237yQ_j_pGOZhTtmiUMzOJxHPEOSTQiXD0qYtFgX0JZ9QligZvLG2po58

Engine can be seen at the 5:03 mark here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOrkqx3xjfk&fbclid=IwAR0wQZ-SDDB5IizWfNhBQKZNv6Qq1XHD0ojzuxoW70f0MihMjVTjI82sXn0


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Homemade Replica Model T firetruck (9-17-19 – – 19-14)

One of a kind fire truck made by hand 3yrs build.

Nice parade peace.Holds 2 people.

Made of wood with metal fenders.

13 1/2 Hp briggs and Stratton engine

Hydro static transmission


All red lights work

old siren

Aruga Horn

Old nozzels and newer hoses

Gold leaf striping

Dedication graphics to 9/11 on the rear

Custom trailer  with diamond storage box


John Chandler /Smokey  207-929-6285 (preferred contact) or Email

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1978 Mack CF686 with 50 Foot Telesquirt (5-17-19 – -19-11)

1978 Mack CF686 with 50 Foot Telesquirt

Refurbished in 1993 with new body and upgraded air brakes

Currently still in service with Orange (CT) Vol. Fire Assn. Inc.

Squirt temporarily Disabled

1250 GPM Waters Pump,   500 Gal. Poly Tank

Mack ENDT 676 Diesel,   Allison HT740D Automatic

$12,500.00 OBO

Contact John Knight   Phone  203-843-1979  or email

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1935 Maxim Fire Truck (5-17-19 – -19-10)

For Sale 1935 Maxim Fire Truck in good shape in original paint (flaking) and it has all original equipment except missing a Pike pole. It also has the original first aid box, a generator for the 3 spot lights that come with the truck. The truck has a 6 cylinder Hercules Engine which runs well with two systems, magneto and distributor with a 6 volt positive ground system. There are also 2 original canvas stretchers included. Two sirens are mounted on the fenders, the one on the right works the other on the left fender does not work at this time. The truck has 2 new front tires and a mounted spare tire.

The truck originally came from Pleasantville, N.Y. which is in faded paint on the hood.

I have had the truck for several years and have used it in many parades and have given a lot of rides for kids. We just don’t use it much anymore and figure it’s time to let someone else enjoy it. Asking price is $9500.00  Email or 330-527-2307

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1938? Seagrave Aerial-Sweetheart grill (5-17-19 – 19-7)

For sale is a 1938? Seagrave aerial with the sweetheart grill.  The ladders in the picture do not go with the truck-they were being stored there until we had room in the shop.  We do not know her history, but she is located in Southern California now.  The transmission is still in the truck, but as the pictures show, the engine (small V-12) is missing.  The radiator is sitting on the running board. She does have a small water tank and pump. We’re asking $2500 for her.  Please contact Hewy Wick at 951-767-0757. or Email

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Early 1940’s Seagrave Canopy cab engine (5-17-19 – -19-6)

For Sale is this Ex-Pasadena Fire Department Seagrave engine.  The original transmission and the engine are long gone. Shes been in Southern California her entire life (still there), so  she has very little rust.  Bill of Sale only. $2000 Please contact Hewy Wick at 951-767-0757 or email

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