Secure Membership Area

Information Regarding the Secure Member Area

I am familiar with this information – take me right to the Secure Member Area

In this area, you will be asked to log in in order to renew, access your profile to update it, and access the PDF documents that are for members only, i.e. Silver Trumpet, Membership Roster, Source List, Apparatus Delivery Lists, Safety Rules, Muster Manual, and a copy of the Membership Application that can be printed and given to prospective members if they are not comfortable joining online.

If you provided an email address on your application, your log in information has been emailed to you. If you are an organization member, and a contact name was not provided with your application, you may have been assigned a generic contact name, i.e. Secretary, President, Curator, etc. Please provide a contact name that is related to the email address provided when you update the profile. If you did not initially provide an email address on your application, just email either the Membership Secretary or Webmaster to have your log in information emailed to you.

If you change your password after initially logging in, and happen to forget it, you will be able to have it sent to your email address on record from the log in page.