Fire Fighting Tools and Equipment (8-19-18)

Fire Fighting Tools and Equipment

I am in the process of selling off 40+ years of Firefighting tools and equipment. Most is from the 1950′ – 1980’s but there are some items from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Included are:

Original, signed Halligan Bar from the 1940’s – 50’s

Fire Hydrant lamp

1930’s pair spot lights

1920’s spot light (’21 Bull Dog Mack?)

Beam Fire Chief car decanter

Fog Nozzles

Long, string wrapped nozzle

Cellar pipe

Navy fog nozzle with foam tip

Navy fog nozzle with 6′ long applicator

Booster hose nozzle

Water thief

Gated Wye

1-1/2” Double male/double female set

Kelly Tool

Hose clamp

Detroit door opener

Tin Roof Cutter

Pike poles 6′-8′-12′

1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, & 2-1/2″ fire hose

3″ Hard suction w/strainer

Hose jacket 1/1/2″

Traffic Light

Copper Fire extinguisher

and more…

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