1920s Maxim Parts (9-17-19)

Original maxim 1920’sbedrail with supports and original ends and original bed top rail with all bolts and nuts, rails are German sterling! $150,original maxim dashboard with old gauges $100,vintage headlight bracket $50,hydrant wrench$50, underwriters playpipe with original string $300, dietz fire lantern  buckle was replayed about 10 years ago comes with extra glass $350,3 maxim cowl brackets that held lantern brackets on the sides of the cowl with 4 brackets that are for the 1940s grether elec lites that replaces the dietz lanterns$80. 2- 1920s maxim pressure gauges$20, 1 brass maxim water tank cover base$30, 1 brass running board mounted strainer holder$30,brass axe holder needs repair$20,brass nickel plated maxim windshield pole supports four of them $60,duo safety ladder nuts 50 still in original bag $30,2 Samuel Eastman nozzle holders with retractable pole$100each,2 pump caps approximately 6 inch $50,4 baush and Lomb Star lenses 9 inches overall ,8.5 lense$50,Carpenter cowl or fender mount light needs lense$25,running board mount nozzle holders$35,couple pieces of maxim running board trim $15,2 sets 2.5 hose fittings brass$30,early maxim differential cap$10,fire bar holder for running boards$50 . All parts will have cost of shipping added to get to the buyer.any questions feel free to email me Jim Moses

Sale Category: Other Items.