24” Tire Rims for late teens and 20’s ALF’s

Have 6 rims for late teens into the twenties American LaFrances. 4 came off my 1919, the other two I acquired. All 6 are for the 24” rims with metal felloes, will not work for the earlier wood felloed wheels. 3” center to center inside ridge measurement. 4 are very solid, two nearly mint, the 5th one is very solid but one rust hole (localized) near the valve stem area. The 6th is bad and fixable if one wants to fool with it. I had tried to find two more for another engine I had with no luck, no one makes The Firestone detachable lock ring wheels. Coker originally told me they would make them for $3k a pop (just the rim) but when I said ok, they changed their mind and said due to liability reasons they had decided not to make them. So that’s the figure I’m going off of as I was willing to pay that. No one in the world makes, or will make a Firestone type 24” rim. So, all six are offered up for sale for $13,000 obo. Will provide more detailed photos if interested. I’ve been told my price is ridiculous, well, I say try to find some, and I just paid $14k for a set of six of a different size.
Also have a set of cut down 20” wood wheels and the 24” wood wheels that were with 4 of the rims. Both sets for sale with no wheel hubs.
If interested email is amlafrance1918@yahoo.com or cell is 214-289-7612.

Contact me at: 214-288-7612