1993 Emergency One Shift Calendar Advertizing

This 12″ x 16″ 1993 calendar is a E-One shift calendar advertising Hartwick Fire Service Supply in Damascus, Arkansas. It pictures the Hush Pumper (Phoenix, Arizonia), Town & Country International Pumper (Searcy, Arkansas), 75-foot Hush Aerials (Nampa and Caldwell Idaho), Protector Pumper (Woodstock, Vermont), Cyclone Pumper (Hyannis, Massachusetts), 95-foot Hurricane Platform (West Florence, South Carolina), Hush Hazmat Heavy Rescue (Schaumburg, Illinois), Cyclone Glider Kit (Hanover Park, Illinois), Hush Pumper (Cedar Park, Texas), 75-foot Hurricane Aerial (Marrero, Louisiana), Industrial Cyclone Pumper (Hoechst Celenese Corporation Pasadena, Texas), Protector TC Pumper (Muscle Shoals, Alabama). See the photos for the condition of the calendar. The edge is rolled up a little from being in a tube and a corner has a small fold in the lower corner. Asking $12.50 plus shipping

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