1953 Seagrave Model 500 Pumper Classic 70th Anniversary Series

1953 Seagrave Model 500 Pumper Classic 70th Anniversary Series, open cab, V-12 Seagrave engine, 215 HP, 530 CID. Street-ready, runs good! Rebuilt transmission, carburetors, and brakes. New ignition system wiring harness and plugs, new engine belts and hoses. Re-chromed bumper, grille and siren. Fully equipped with many extras, including: 12” pedestal-mounted ALF Eagle bell; 2 hard suction hoses; strainer basket;6 fire hoses; 25’ wooden extension ladder; 4 brass extinguishers;2 Indian backpack extinguishers; 2 axes; 3 pike poles; 7 nozzles; 6 helmets; SCBA mask, regulator, tank, and harness; 2 sets of turnout jackets and pants; 2 hose clamps; tool belt and hydrant wrenches; full-size fire hydrant; set of Armed Forces Service Flags; complete sound system (DC to AC Rectifier, Sony CD Player, Denon Amp, and 2 Sansui Bookshelf Speakers). Price $12,600 with listed extras. Contact James Stanley, 4481 S. Roberts Dr., Sugar Hill GA 30518, (770) 945-5991, or: jamesstanley42@att.net

Contact me at: jamesstanley42@att.net