How to Decipher Crown Firecoach Model Information

How to Decipher Crown Firecoach Model Information By Mike Britt, CFE President and Historian All vehicles manufactured by the Firecoach Division of Crown Coach had a builder’s plate which Crown called the β€œVehicle Record Plate” located in the driver’s compartment of the vehicle near the accelerator pedal. The information on this plate is useful in […]

Routine Maintenance of Fire Truck Hydraulic Brake Systems

By Doug Klink The braking system on your fire truck can be one of several types; mechanical, all hydraulic, or straight air. Mechanical brakes and air brakes (especially for those of us who live in a dry climate as little moisture gets into the air tanks so they are basically trouble-free) require little care; Just […]

Lubricant Oils

For some of the very early rigs I have seen graphite and tallow suggested as a gear box lubricant. Lubricating oils have come a long way since then! When asked about a lubricant for a 1920s Ahrens-Fox, Ted recommended an SAE 140 gear oil, Doug recommended a 1000 weight gear oil; they are both right, […]

Crown Firecoach Serial and Vehicle Identification Numbers

By Mike Britt, CFE President and Historian The serial number for a Crown Firecoach is often referred to as the β€œF-number” because the 4-digit serial number Crown used was preceded by the letter β€œF” (for Firecoach). The β€œF-number” was the only Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for all Crown Fire coaches until January 1 of 1981, […]