2020 Board Members

President: Frank Tremel, West River, MD

Sr. Vice President: Ted Elder,  Applecreek, OH

Vice President: Justin Birchfield, Mooresville, IN
Treasury Secretary: Leroy Wilder, Morrow, OH
Executive Secretary: Bill Blunden, Carthage, NY
Membership Secretary: Candy Bennett, Adams Run, SC
District 1 Trustee – New England: Brian Anderson, Wilmington, MA
District 2 Trustee – New York State: James Kurycki, Spencerport, NY
District 3 Trustee – Pennsylvania: Jim Derstine, Enola, PA
District 4 Trustee – Mid-Atlantic: Tim “Cosgrove” Jones, Rockville, MD
District 5 Trustee – Southeastern: Howard Peiffer, Palm Coast, FL
District 6 Trustee – Great Lakes: Dan Lintz, Hamilton, OH
District 7 Trustee – Central: Rodger Birchfield, Camby, IN
District 8 Trustee – Mid-Western: Chuck Buschardt, Houston, TX
District 9 Trustee – Western: Mike Turcott, Tenino, WA
Immediate Past President: Ted Elder,  Applecreek, OH
Editor – Enjine! Enjine!: Scott Rollins, Mooresville, IN
Editor – Silver Trumpet: Katrina Falk, Morristown, IN
Webmaster: Candy Bennett, Adams Run, SC

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