Doing Research in the Collections:

Unfortunately, the SPAAMFAA Archives is not prepared to handle any specific research inquiries at this time. Please be patient as we move and grow into our new facility and the new digital age.

A part-time archivist is being sought [see here] and trained, and research procedures are being established. We hope to soon facilitate in-person, on-site research, and varying degrees of staff-contracted-research requests, at our new facility. Ultimately we have lofty goals of indexing, scanning, and digitizing everything electronically, with “watermarked” copies of most of the illustrative material cross referenced and available for personal-use download and printing.

A small selection of images are avaliable online via our SmugMug account:

Our SmugMug account is very much a “work in progress.” We are still setting up policies and procedures. We are trying to determines what gets scanned first (photos, owners manuals), and what the procedure will be to do the scanning and uploading. Once photos and documents are scanned and uploaded, we are also working on ideas for how will these images and documents be organized, sorted, searched and used.   In the future – we’ll be giving SPAAMFAA members special access and also coming soon the ability to download and print photos for a small service fee.

In the meantime, here are some searchable PDF lists showing large portions of the materials contained in the archives:

SPAAMFAA Archives – List

Tom Scott’s Book Collection –
donated to the SPAAAMFAA Archives