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I have a 1950 Maxim fire engine with a Hercules RLXD engine, straight 6 with dual ignition. I am looking for a service manual for the Hercules engine, I am also looking for any manufacturer’s manuals for Maxim fire engines for the 1950 era. Please email me Lowell Black (5-12-13)

I am putting together a history of the first 60+ years of the Tecumseh, Michigan fire department. It was established in 1837 when the village incorporated. Our first engine was purchased in 1841 for $450. No information about it was included in the village council minutes.
Our second fire engine though was purchased in 1878 from the LaFrance Manufacturing Company of Elmira, New York. Their representative was Asa LaFrance who brought models of their engines for the council to consider.
They purchased a La France #4 rotary steam engine for $3,600. It arrived in Tecumseh in July of 1878. If anyone is interested I have copied the newspaper account of the demonstration of its prowess at our Globe Mill Pond on that 4th of July. The entire village turned out to watch.
I am seeking any descriptive information and pictures of this machine for my history. The members of Tecumseh’s present fire department will be very grateful for a chance to glimpse back into the department’s history. My name is Phil Hendershot E-mail (4-21-13)

Fellow SPAAMFAA members, My current quest is to find any information regarding two “Hallock Chemical Fire Trucks”, built on a Model “T” car chassis. These were built in Medina, Ohio (but the builders plate says Cleveland, Ohio) between 1913 and 1918. One was shipped to Hawaii, and one was shipped to Alaska ( plus we are missing a few more around the country ). Identifying features include…. A single 40 Gallon copper chemical tank, a 3 gallon Chemical extinguisher mounted on the tail board, a foot operated rotary gong on the side of the passenger seat, a brass spring cushioned front bumper, 2 Dietz style lanterns mounted on the firewall with unusual vertical brackets that stand off 2 – 3 inches, a light weight driver’s side mounted 16′ extension ladder with steel strengthened side rails and an unusual hook for the telescope lock mechanism, a hose basket with brass corners and rollers with 4 leaf clover ventilation holes and the front had a pad for the drivers back, a driver side mounted pike pole and pry bar, a passenger side mounted axe and 3 gallon extinguisher on the running board, and an acetylene powered spot light fastened to the center of the firewall. If any of this sounds familiar, I would love to hear from you. Contact…. Tom Doyle, The Little Wiz Fire Museum, Medina, Ohio …. 330-419-0200,Email (4-6-13)

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I am looking for two – 6″ diameter red lenses for a Buckeye roto ray light. The lens says, “The K-D lamp Company, Model 850, Cincinnati Ohio. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Brian Anderson (978) 658-7528 (2-23-13)

The Creston, IL Fire Department is in the process of documenting its history and seeking information about the following apparatus. Daldens & Co Fire Apparatus purchased Nov 1881, Howe “Fire King” chemical wagon purchased Nov 1894 and sold April 1916, Hose cart purchased July 1895, 1927 Model “T” pumper made by Howe Co purchased January 1938 and sold in 1949, 1946 Dodge Truck built by department in 1949, Unknown manufacturer truck purchased in 1950 to be built as a tanker, 1948 Ford Truck purchased in 1951 to be built as a tanker, and Federal? 500 GPM pumper purchased in Jan 1961. Our records do not indicate if these apparatus were purchased new or used. Any information on any of the trucks or history of the manufacturers would be appreciated. Contact Curt Ward at Email (1-1-13)

I am looking for the history of my 1937 Dodge Howe Piston Pumper with Build Number 7165. I was told she started in a Township near Traverse City, MI. If you have any information, it would be greatly appreciated. I and would like to share this pumpers history with others that support Firefighters and antique fire apparatus. James R. Spradling Email (4-28-12)

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I’m putting together a book on the Buchanan (MI) Fire Dept and I’m looking for a copy of this catalogue or on CD or just to be able to see it, I believe it has a picture of a chemical truck we had in 1910 range, and we have no pictures of it. So even a scan even would be great.Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a description of the catalog: American LaFrance Fire Engine Co., Inc. Fighting Fire with the Most Effective Fire Apparatus Built. 48 pp., 4to. Elmira, NY: 1920. Comprehensive catalogue of fire engines, including ladder trucks, water towers, chemical and hose cars, each illustrated one per page. Extensive specifications for each model. There is also text on the engines and other mechanical details of the trucks. Bob Blaylock Email (4-28-12)

Looking for info about the transfer case on our Huntertown Fire Dept. 1929 Ford Prospect Fire Truck for some reason it only pumps when truck transmission is in reverse. Thanks Robert Bremer Email (3-5-12)

The Watsonville Firefighters’ Association is currently restoring our “Old Buck”, re-building the engine and trying to acquire new tires (hard rubber). While we have been able to take care of and find the resources for re-building the engine, we need to find a source for the tires. Anyone having information that will assist us please contact Ed Banks, Watsonville Firefighters Association, 831-763-7075. (3-5-12)

I am looking to contact the person that faxed me copies of a 4 wheel hose carriage that was formerly in Stoneham, Mass. Please Email me or phone 315-488 7678. Thank you. Donald Herb, Syracuse NY (12-26-11)

I am trying to locate information on a 1929 Seagrave. The serial number is 49823 with an engine number of 6B1382. The truck was from NJ, and was sold in the early 60s. If anyone has any information on this truck, please Email (12-11-11)

I am looking for information on a fire apparatus company in Chicago. I have a chance to purchase a fire truck and it is listed as a 1951 Available w/ Boyer Fire Apparatus body. I was told that less than 10 of these were made in Chicago. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Keith Rosenow Email (8-20-11)

Looking for Info on Miller Chemical Engine, Chicago, IL
I have possession of a book by W. Fred Conway, ““Chemical Fire Engines.”” Chapter five covers hand-drawn chemical engines. (I know chemical engines as Soda Acid Carts). Our cart was manufactured by Miller Chemical Engine, Chicago IL. The fill cap has Miller Chemical Engine with the number 45 on it. Sorry I have no pictures to send at this time. My contact information is: Jim Matthews Email (8-13-11)

My fire district (Marlborough Fire District in Marlboro NY) has bought and refurbed it’s 1937 Dodge/ALF, Registration # B-1076. After being sold off by the district many years ago, it was bought back and sent out to refurb. I am looking for any additional information or pictures of it from the factory. Thank you for your time. Mark Ciaglia 845-236-1110 (6-20-11)

I am looking into purchasing a 1970 American LaFrance 900 Series pumper, located in Southern Oklahoma. Registration # is 12.1.2315. If anybody can look up the original owner, delivery photos, build info, etc. Thank you for your help. Contact Michael Barbee at 903-491-6213 or Email (4-17-11)

The Centre, Alabama Fire Department is trying to locate our first truck. It is a 1918 American LaFrance that was sold to a local man who then sold it sometime before 1980. Centre was probably not the original owner. Truck may be in the southeast or atlantic region. Asking for help from all local SPAAMFAA Chapters in locating this ALF. Call Mike James at 256-557-3441 or 256-927-4739 (Webmaster note: According to Peckham, this was a 1921, Reg. # 3633, Ex Birmingham, AL, Type 10 Trip, and was sold to Dennis Barnette, Amery, MS 1977) (3-21-11)

I am looking for a certain American LaFrance 700 that was owned by my hometown of Fayetteville, WV. she’s a 1949 775-PJO carrying the serial number of L-3842 and was delivered on April 5, 1949. She left FFD service in the 1970s sometime when she was replaced with a ALF Pioneer I. I was wondering if SPAAMFAA has records of a member owning her, I’m looking to track her down and get photos. J.H. Bennett email (3-20-11)

Paint Color?……….I have a 1957 International-TASC Fire Pumper originally from Paramus, New Jersey and am trying to match the original paint color for the truck. I am dizzy with the different “reds” and understand this truck had a special red — if not does anyone know what “red formulas” might fit the bill for that year and truck. E-mail Charlie Bamberg (3-16-11)


1937 American LaFrance type 450RB in Vivian, Louisiana. The volunteers of our fire dept are in possession of the towns first fire engine and we are looking for any assistance to help restore it to its former beauty. We have no idea of where to start. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. Email Brandon Florence (3-7-11) .

I have come into possession a 1952-1953? GMC/American Fire Apparatus Company front mount pumper 500 GPM Barton-American pump, 500-750 Gallon tank. The department that last had it I contacted and they had it in service for over 36 years, came from South Malvern Rural Fire Dept. near Malvern, Arkansas. Truck was in service from 1958-1995 when sold to private individual in working order. If anyone has info on this trucks history or general history of this type of truck from the manufacturer or if you can look up the build number for me and get info off of that would be greatly appreciated. Build number is 104-8-30-52 as best I can read it! Contact is Email or Cell phone 903-491-6213 ask for Michael. Thanks. (2-9-11)

I need information for a 1924 American LaFrance Type 69 CMB/SRV fire truck Rig # 5108. I understand there is a negative of a photo taken of the truck when it was new; factory photo Neg.# 6139. If anyone has this negative I would like to have a photo made from it. I would gladly pay to have the photo developed to keep from mailing or shipping the negative. I am beginning the restoration on the truck. It belongs to the Cisco, Texas FD. Our FD took shipment on it on 4-30-1925. I am in the planning stages now and would appreciate any information or advice. I have years of experience restoring old cars but this is my first fire truck. Of course I want to restore it to its original condition. Please contact me at Email(2 -2-11)

Wanted:  Any original pictures/documentation/information/manuals on Willys “Jeep” Howe CJ fire trucks.  Common models were CJ2A and CJ3B’s.  Need more information for my restoration of 54 CJ3B Fire Jeep.  My truck was originally at a Western Electric plant in North Carolina for over 30 years. would like any pictures of it inservice. Also looking for Enjine Enjine issues: Fall 1974, 1982-1, 1982-2, 1982-3.  Contact Email (12-24-10)

INFORMATION WANTED:  Trying to figure out value on a American Lafrance horse drawn steam pumper. any info. on sale prices at auctions or classifieds or private sale would be helpful. also any web links ? thanks Mike. Contact email  (09/21/10)

INFORMATION WANTED:  I am seeking information about an apparatus that I recently purchased.  It is a Ford Pumper, 1 1/2 ton from 1940 V8 95 hp flathead motor, with American Marsh pump. installed under the seat, (I think that is not a normal installation for a closed cab apparatus , i have only noticed that on open cabs).  The last known owner Frank Monreal of Milwaukee. He had a big Mexican restaurant Monreals El Matador.  He bought it with help from a Fire Chief named Ken Celoni of Milwaukee. If someone can give me information about this truck  before 1978, particularly the maker, pictures of the truck or that type of truck, any info about earliler owners, etc,  please send me an e mail. The truck is currently living and running well in Sweden.  Thank you. email   (09/04/10)


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INFORMATION WANTED:  Dear SPAAMFAA members…. My name is Frank Mazur and I have been a member of the Dickson City Fire Department for the past 37 years. I am presently looking to bring back to Dickson City a piece of fire department history, a 1946 T 75 although some paperwork has it indicated as a T-56 Ward LaFrance pumper serial # 2213.  It was purchased new by the fire department in 1946 and it was in service until 1965 when it was sold to a member [Mr. Wellington Jackson]. From reports I have received from other members it was then sold to a southeastern state [GA , the Carolinas].  I am looking for some help in finding this vehicle and bringing it back to Dickson City. Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated. You can see a picture of the apparatus by going  and clicking on the link “past apparatus”.  I can be reached via e-mail at email  or by phone at [570]489-3696.  (04/20/10)

INFORMATION WANTED:  RE: 1928 AM La France Type 145 Pumper ,Reg. number 6230.  While serving on the St. Petersburg Fire Dept , I purchased the the above pumper ,fixed it up and used it in parades etc. About 1970 I sold it to a real estate person in Pinellas Park named Rube Halprin… I don’t know where it went after that. I just found the envelope of info from the Factory with original photo, test data, specs. etc. I wish to get this to the current owner…Is he perhaps a member of SPAAMFAA, and you can put us in touch… Regards, Dale Powers, Phone 941 730- 2036  02/14/10


ad number 1.   I am in need of a the book from John Peckham titled American Lafrance Commercial chassis registry numbers. It must have my rig number B408 in it. I need an original book to fix the title year on my rig. It is suppose to be 1926 and is titled as a 1929. Ohio Contact Jason Hephner 330 277 9431 or email

ad number 2. I am looking for information on the continental 6B engine. I am particularly in need of either a reputable spray welding shop to repair my head or I need a head to fit a 6B engine.

contact Jason Hephner 330 277 9431 or email   (01/23/10)

INFORMATION WANTED:  Looking for the whereabouts of a 1924 Seagrave pumper, ex Mt. Hope, WV. Believed to have been in Indiana, then Minnesota, but info is very sketchy. VIN 6B198-38490. Interested in buying, or at least knowing it’s fate! Emails welcome. email  (08/12/09)

INFORMATION WANTED:  I am looking for insurance for my 1941 fire engine. I used to have Hagerty insurance but was turned down for renewal due to unfavorable driving record. Any ideas for places to get insurance for my rig elsewhere would be great. Thanks, Greg, PNW Chapter in Oregon  email   (07/07/09)

WANTED:  Photographs of vintage Syracuse Fire Department apparatus for use in a book chronically the History of Fire Apparatus for Syracuse. Please e-mail me with what you might have in your collection that you would be willing to share. Please contact Tom Shand at: 716-698-1077 or via email  (06/25/09)

INFORMATION WANTED:  I recently acquired an old DB Smith Indian tank. It has an all brass tank. The pump does not look like the ones they make now. Indian was not much help with info on rebuilding the pump. I play to display it on my 1917 Luverne and I would like it to pump. It sort of does but the center shaft has what looks like string between two brass disks and the string is rotted. Any info on the pump would help. email   (04/29/09)

INFORMATION WANTED:  to all SPAAMFAA members; I’m looking for the GMC firetruck that was in Trough Creek PA. for many years. I was told that it was sold to someone in FL? I would like to locate this truck because it was in the station where I started, Annandale,VA. in 1962. If you can help please call Bill Harris at 727-458-2551 or email  (01/22/09)