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Restoration consulting. I have the expertise and experience to provide fire engine and other classic vehicle restoration consulting to individuals, organizations, and businesses. I can be of assistance in the restoration of the following: engines, transmissions, brakes, magnetos, distributors, starters, generators, electrical systems, firefighting water pumps, engine water pumps, carburetors, fuel pumps, fuel vacuum tanks—-and more. I do some of these items in house (carburetors, fuel pumps, fuel vacuum tanks), and, for the other items, I have business relationships with the best in their fields.

Currently, I am acting as the mechanical consultant for the complete, frame-off restoration of a 1926 Foamite-Childs fire engine—-one of few remaining. Give me a call, and we’ll talk. Thanks very much. Hal Houghton The Classic Preservation Coalition 518-374-5078 (7-3-14)

BIG RED FIRE MUSEUM in Louisville, MS is now open for Visitors by appointment. Email for information (3-8-11)

Northeast Ohio Emergency Vehicles Services has open a new shop in Ohio to restore antique fire trucks.
We do minor to major repairs of your older equipment. Full frame up restoration of your older truck.
Wrecked truck repair, engine repair and trans repair. Brake system air and hydraulic, water tank and pump system repair. Body work and paint and any other repair. Complete airport fire trucks repair and antique government truck repair. We work on trucks from 1930 to the new trucks. email  248-762-3949(04/28/08)

Att: SPAAMFAA and non-members alike!!

I currently have for fellow Historic & Antique owners a great Computer software program that can help you manage your Antique or Restoration vehicle(s) and projects; and can also be very useful for personal vehicles as well!

This software gives you the ability to track several categories and provide various reports. Some Features include the following:

Maintains Detailed Records of All Vehicle Service, Maintenance, Expenses, Fuel Usage etc; Repairs, Maintenance, Parts, Fuel Usage, Additions/ Improvements, Trip Log records. Includes descriptions, dates, associated costs, images and much more.
• Helps you maintain and stay “up-to-date” on your vehicle maintenance and service schedule; Automotive diagnosis and troubleshooting! Includes a Trouble-shooting database of “symptoms and causes” that can provide valuable information on what may be wrong with your vehicle.
• Detailed Cost Analysis (cost/mile, cost/year, Investment value, Accumulated costs, Operating costs); Performs an in-depth cost analysis that shows you when and where your money is being spent, how much you have invested in the vehicle, and when you may want to consider trading it in.
• Tracks fuel usage and fuel economy–Automatically calculates average Miles Per Gallon (MPG) and displays it in graphical form so that you can monitor fuel usage trends. Check your vehicles Fuel Economy and watch for trends that can alert you to potential problems in the future.
• Automatically compiles a personal Parts List.  As you enter Maintenance and Repair records a Parts database is automatically compiled for each vehicle. Easily search your Parts List to determine what parts have been replaced previously.

***The program can be downloaded for $31, or I can send you your own personal CD copy for $37 postage paid. I take checks, credit cards, cash (more risky tho). All updates and upgrades are FREE! Please contact me for more information or a spec. sheet emailed to you or mailed! Contact Rod Prast, Firescapes, PO Box 2006, Mesa, Az 85214. email cell: 480-313-2928  (11/26/06)

Anthony Rzucidlo, emergency vehicles photographer, recently had his book, Emergency Management Mobile Command & Response Vehicles: A photographic review of emergency units, published by AuthorHouse. This publication showcases the various types of vehicles that are utilized by “First Responders” be it from the public sector or private industry to respond to an assortment of emergency incidents. Specifically, this book will take a look at vehicles that are utilized as mobile command units by Incident Commanders to maintain command and control of an incident. In addition, this publication will spotlight emergency support vehicles that can be called for by an Incident Commander at the scene of an incident to provide additional resources to emergency response personnel.  153 black and white photos representing emergency vehicles from 14 states and two foreign countries appear in this book. Some of those vehicles are of unusual, unique and hard to get photos of response units.

To order a book you can go to the following web site at  or you can call AuthorHouse at 1-888-280-7715 to order using credit cards or a check. The book costs $25.00 plus shipping. (11/19/06)

One of the services that we receive a lot of requests about is gold leaf decoration.  There is not a large number of people doing this type of artwork that are available to do small jobs (like one antique truck).  It is a pleasure to list an artist known to many fire departments on the East Coast and who is willing to work with antiques.  Bruce Cambriello is a retired Revere, MA firefighter and worked for years for Mack of Boston doing much of their firetruck decoration and commercial painting.  Feel free to contact him for further information.  (03/14/06)


ANNOUNCEMENT:  My name Dale Butterfield.  We have a small shop to restore antique fire fighting equipment.  The shop is located west of Detroit Mich.  We do complete restoring of fire trucks and other repair work and minor restoring.  We restore fire trucks from 1960 to newer – we will work on any make of fire truck.  My cell no is: 248-762-3949.  Thank you – Dale Butterfield.  (12/26/05)


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INFORMATION: In the course of my search for parts and services in the restoration of my 1948 White/Vanpelt, I have learned a lot about White Trucks and have located good resources for parts and services.  I am willing to share this information with others in need.  Contact:  Josh Gatkin at (925) 449-4076 or email (02/26/03)

Need a past issue of Enjine-Enjine??  SPAAMFAA has a number of back issues available in case you missed one.  Not all issues are available but you can contact Rick Canfield, 159 Cemetery Hill, Shoreham, VT 05770-9999, ph: 802-897-8591, to check availability or to place an order.