Small V-12 Engine for 1936 Seagrave (4-12-17)

We are looking for a small V-12 engine for our 1936 Seagrave pumper.  Either need an operable engine or information on someone who can repair the one we have.

Stanton Pratt
Honesdale Fire Museum
Honesdale, PA 18431

Wanted Category: Other Items.

Wanted 1920 to 1930’s antique Firestone detachable truck rims 20 and 24 inch (1-8-17)

Looking for antique 1920 to 1930’s Firestone detachable 20 and 24 inch truck rims that have two beveled edges and a split locking ring. The beveled edges run around the entire circumference of the rim and allow a wood spoke wheel to be mounted in the center of the rim. These Firestone rims were used on Seagrave and American LaFrance fire engines and other make trucks in the 1920’s thru the 1930’s. We are mainly looking for 20 inch rims but are also interested in 24 inch rims. Call or email if you have these rims. The photos show the style rims we are looking for and how they mount on the fire engine.. 973-263-0195 or Email

Wanted Category: Other Items.

Set of ladders, bell & hubcaps for 1959 Mack B-85 Pumper (9-13-16)

I am restoring a 1959 MACK B-85 PUMPER and in the need of a set of ladders,  either wood or aluminum. About a 12″ roof ladder, and 24″ extension
ladder.  Standard stuff for this pumper. I also need a BELL for this truck. I am hopping  to find the actual bell from this truck, but have not been
successful yet.  Trying to find a complete bell with proper mounting bracket. It does not need to  be perfect, as I am not going for a 100 point restoration at this point. Just  want it to be in somewhat decent shape. That would be better then what I have  now. I also need at least 2 hub caps for this vehicle. I have 2 in decent shape, would like/need two more.

I am in southeastern PA, if you have any of this, I hope you are not on the  west coast! THANKS.

Contact BRUCE in  Reading, PA   610-914-7474

Wanted Category: Other Items.