Looking for F motor parts for 1920 Seagrave pumper. (12-23-17)

Looking for F motor parts for 1920 Seagrave pumper. Need an oil pan and at least one complete rod & cap set. Will consider buying an entire donor motor or major parts if you have them for sale. These items are for the first motorized fire truck placed in service in Camden, South Carolina where it is still used as a parade vehicle. Thank you, Jim Dent  Email

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Parts Wanted for 1946 Ford Fire Engine (11-18-17)

Want two Delta Navy Lanterns circa WW2 for our 1946 Ford Fire Engine (Howard Cooper body). Do not have to work but must be complete and have rear mounting bracket.

We also need a couple of these panel lights.  Contact Rick Black, 541-499-1356

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Carb wanted for Seagrave (10-29-17)

Carb wanted for Seagrave.  We are looking for a Stromberg SF 5 carb for our 1935 Seagrave #81065.  It went to LA city area when it got sold in the 1970’s.  Not having any luck tracing owners.  We bought it back recently and the carb was removed.  Need replacement.  I have a SF 5 for my 26 Seagrave but the flange is 90 out of position.  Was going to use it until we could find one for the 35.  Any leads or sellers helpful.  Seagrave friends were real helpful when I got the 26 with parts, hoping same happens for the 35 that the station is the proud owners of.  Thanks in advance.  Reply to my email  Denny

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Replacement Dash Switches (10-29-17)

The Southern Oregon Historical Society is looking for some replacement dash switches (wipers, spot lights, etc) for our 1946 Ford Fire Engine (Howard Cooper pumper).
Do you know anyone who has these?  Photo attached. Our website has photos of our progress:  sohs.org/fire-engine
Rick Black
Southern Oregon Historical Society
106 N. Central Avenue
Medford OR 97501
cell: 541-499-1356
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Water cannon / deck gun (10-29-17)

Wanted : I am looking for a deck mounted Deck Gun for my 1926 American La France pumper/squad body. The flange originally had 6 bolts through the
wood deck behind the driver seat. Ed Saniewski 201-919-3378

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For 1917 ALF Type 17-6 TDA (10-29-17)

Needed for restoration of 1917 ALF Type 17-6 TDA. These parts are from the American Automatic Aerial Ladder so parts from ALF Type 31s should work up until the late 20s when ALF beefed up the supports/brackets. There are 5 pairs of truss supports along the top of the ladder. They go down in size from the base of the ladder to the tip. I have the first 2 pairs. They are 9″ and 7-1/2″ from bottom of base to center of the truss rod. I need the
other 3 pairs that are 6″, 4″, and 2-1/2″ respectively. The truss rod is 5/8″ dia. and the hole for the rod in the bracket is 3/4″. The truss support rods run along the top of the beams of the bed section of the aerial from the raising mechanism at the base to the tip.
Jon Wagner
Reno, NV

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